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General Grant Guidelines

  • The community foundation can make grants to the following entities:
    • 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations
    • Education
    • Government
    • Religious
  • If you are applying on behalf of a church, please contact the Foundation before applying.
  • Individuals or organizations that do NOT fall into one of the above entities are encouraged to partner with a fiscal agent in one of those categories.
    • If that is not possible, please contact the community foundation to see if your project still qualifies and if there are any additional reporting requirements
  • Grants are typically restricted to the geographic areas served by the community foundation

If you are considering applying on behalf of a church in the community, please reach out to Taylor Urban at 785-823-1800 before applying.

  • Projects or programs that serve the community and/or advance the mission of the organization
  • Seed money to establish or initiate a new project, program, or organization, including operating expenses
  • Capacity building or activities that strengthen an organization to increase its ability to fulfill its mission, including technology & equipment, professional development & training, additional staff to implement a new program, etc.
  • Capital improvements including new construction or renovation of a facility
  • Endowment funds to provide permanent and long-term support for an organization or program
    • Note: The grants committee will consider requests for endowment funds, but it is unlikely to receive funding unless it supports a specific initiative.

The following grant requests will NOT be considered:

  • Incomplete, incorrect or late applications
  • Political projects of any kind
  • Organizations or projects that practice discrimination of any kind
  • Operating deficits or retirement of debt (if the project has already happened or been paid for, this is considered funding debt).

Grant Opportunities

Categories of PurposeGrant Fund (click for specific guidelines)Application Deadline

Community Impact

Fall Cycle:

  • July 15 - September 15

Spring Cycle:

  • February 15 - April 15
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Contact Jessica Fuller, Director of Grants and Scholarships